About Us

Shady Canvas strives to be a Leading Graphic T-Shirt Brand, the journey began 8 years ago in 2015.

Our Belief: Free to Express! , You are what you wear and what you express, we will enable that Freedom of Expression through our T-Shirts and Designs


  • Every T-Shirt from Shady Canvas should have story,history,message & soul
  • Our Designs will be closer to the Nature & Wild Life offering our customers the best collection in this category.
  • Customize your on T-Shirt in 3 easy steps using our advance customizer app.
  • Unlike the traditional inks/plastisol used in printing clothes/T-shirts which are harmful for humans , Shady Canvas use’s water based eco friendly inks on 100% cotton materialhazards of plastisol printing inks ,which are often used as cheap way of printing clothes, are not just to the personal health but also the environment.

For Any Queries: email us :support@shadycanvas.com